AliExpress is the online shopping mall platform that is provided by It is the largest online shopping mall all over the world. In this platform, one can buy goods while at home or his place of work and pay safely with the aid of AliExpress protection along with the express delivery with full trucking. While requesting items from Aliexpress is basic, there are a couple of things one can do to minimize your dangers and increment your odds for long-term success.

Most of the products highlighted on AliExpress are produced for Chinese domestic market. The goods can be good but they don’t compliant with the product directives in Europe, Australia, and America and therefore importing such kind of goods is illegal. This may lead to serious fines in case of injury or damage.

How to order from Aliexpress – Step by Step

Below are the steps one can following while shopping on AliExpress:

1. Create an account

The first question that you have is how you can register on AliExpress? This article will review the registration process in more detail. By following the instructions below, you can initiate your free membership at

Point the mouse on the menu of your account. Click “Join Free” in the drop down menu

click on JOIN FREE

click on JOIN FREE button

Start filling out the fields to register: In the “Email” field enter an email address that is existing. It will be used to log into the system.

Registration form

Create Your Account button

In the “Verification Code,” field enter the verification code from the picture on the right.

Put a tick in the box to indicate that you have agree with the internal AliExpress rules.

  • Press the Next button and continue to the next screen.
  • Here you need to confirm your email address that was provided during registration. To do this, click on “Check E-mail Now” and you will be taken to your email account. On the off chance that you have not got the email for quite a while, click on “I have not got the E-mail.”
  • Click on “Proceed” to affirm your email address. After clicking you will be taken to the AliExpress site to finish your enrollment.
  • Enter the secret key that you will use to sign into your record. Next, enter your genuine first and last name and snap “Affirm”. After that enrollment will be finished.

2. Find the product

You can also narrow down your search results with the Advanced Search options that are found on the all express page once you log in. You will be able to see the Search Bar. For example, you can search with the following options:

  • keywords: These are your unique inquiry terms. You can alter them to seek inside a classification rather than the Search Bar.
  • Free Shipping: Shows items with free transporting.
  • Top-Rated: Shows the most prevalent things.
  • 1 Piece Only: Shows items that lone offer in amounts of 1 piece.
  • Sale Items: Shows reduced items.
  • Best Match: Shows items sorted by cost (most minimal or most elevated first), the quantity of requests, freshest items and vender’s appraisals.
  • Price: Shows items separated by the required value range.

    Sort by price Aliexpress

    Sort by price

  • Quantity: Shows items separated by the required number of pieces per part.

You can select multiple filtering options to narrow down your search even further.

3. Adding to cart when shopping on Aliexpress

  • When using shopping cart to place order, click the “Add to Cart” button to add the items
  • Simply select proper shipping approach for all items from the same supplier
  • The system will automatically combine these products into one order for you.If you choose items from two different suppliers or select two different shipping methods, the order will be divided into two.
  • After that, you click the “Buy all from this seller” button to place the order with one supplier. You can also click the “Buy All” button to place the order for all the items in your shopping cart.
Buy All button

Buy All button

TIP: Some sellers have available coupons on aliexpress. Yse them!


4. payment on Aliexpress

To pay for your order on AliExpress, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the order and click the “Pay Now” button
  2. Choose your preferred payment method on the checkout page


NOTE: AliExpress supports Visa, MasterCard, Maestro Debit Card, Western Union, and wire transfer via banks.

How to Identifying Trustworthy sellers in AliExpress

Identify trustworthy seller on the AliExpress can be a troublesome assignment for amateurs. Presently in light of the fact that you have an idea on the most proficient method to discover quality things on AliExpress. At that point the following stride is to locate the dependable dealer. It is critical to search for good quality things and high notoriety on the stage.

To accomplish this you should take the following into consideration:

  • Store reputation: This is the first thing you must look before buying or contacting any seller on AliExpress. You will find viral information on the top right part of the seller’s page on AliExpress. You will see either see the medal, diamond or crown. When you click on either you will be able to see the average score out of 5 that the seller possesses the categories are self-explanatory ” number of the year the seller have been on AliExpress”, ” number of orders processed”, “positive feedback rating,” ” items as described,” ” communication”, and ” the speed of shipping orders,” If the seller,s scores, are above average the rating with be displayed in the GREEN, if they are below the average, the rating will show in RED. Now keep away from sellers with a RED rating.
Detailed seller ratings

Detailed seller ratings

  • Product review and rating: The next step you must consider is the rating, review, and comments posted by other buyers for the products. This is important because it will provide a pretty and good ideas about the quality if the products and the general satisfaction of previous buyers of the product. You will also get first-hand information and accounts of the shipping speeds sizes and the overall of the product. I highly recommend you keep away from sellers and store that have below 90% as newbies in the Chinese market.
Product rating

Product rating

  • The number of sales: the next vital step to do before buying on AliExpress is to check the number of people that had bought the product before. If there is a lot of sales and the reviews, rating, and comment are positive then, you can be pretty sure that you are dealing seller.
Number of sales

Number of sales

  • Product Description: Make sure you read and understand the description of the product you want to buy before making any payment. Don’t be deceived with the awesome product picture used
  • Guaranteed Genuine: All products on the AliExpress are covered by some guarantees. However,there are sellers that can also give guaranteed genuine badge. Guaranteed genuine items are verified by the AliExpress to certain 100% genuine branded product.
Seller Guarantees and Buyer Protection

Seller Guarantees and Buyer Protection

  • Contact the seller: If you have any question about the product or doubt no matter how small, the best thing to do before buying the product is to contact the seller directly to ask your query or resolve your doubt. Thereafter you make decision wether to purchase or not.

How to distinguish a replica / fake from the original brand in AliExpress?

When choosing your favorite products, it is good to be care because you can also get fake products on AliExpress. In some cases, you may not be able to distinguish between fake and original products. Due to anti-piracy law, the sellers can not use the original brand name but only their shortcuts or initials. Therefore it is hard to find the right shortcut for the right branded goods.

AliExpres block website product link as you can see it appear as broken link. Suppliers are using special tricks to keep the link active and sell as much as possible. The trick is to use various shortcut as cover. And just by the abbreviation, you will find your favorite brand. This is the reason why the AliExpress have prepared the list of these shortcuts.

Fake Nike air max

Fake Nike air max

This list allows you to search for branded goods which are interested in. However, it may happen that in their suggested link, there are no suitable products but that only because that links to the brand will not retain long. So they wait to wait for suppliers to import new products again. AliExpress recommend to return to their website and this list of abbreviations.

Currently, there are 110 brands and for better orientation in the list. They have filtered feature search box on the top right corner of the table. Type the brand you are searching for in the search box then click on the link and you will be redirected to AliExpress website with the proper brand keyword. In case you want to see a complete list again, you just clear the search box as it was at the beginning.

Guide and advice on finding our size in the AliExpress

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to find the right size on Aliexpress? Despite how you look at it, buying the right size of clothes and shoes and other products online can be a bit of a hassle. To make the process easier for you look at these two simple steps:

1. Find the sizing chart (it is usually after all the product photos), and measure yourself.

If you’re a true Alcoholic (or like online shopping in general), write down your measurements and keep them handy, so you don’t have to take out the tape each time you want to buy something. The most common measurements you’ll require to know about your waist, arm length, bust (girls) or chest (guys), hips, back length, and inseam.

Hint: Measuring tape is your best friend.


Not sure how to take your measurements? For your bust, chest, hips, measure the circumference of your widest part. For your waist, measure the narrowest part. For arm length, measure from the shoulder all the way to the wrist. For back length, measure from the nape of your neck to your tailbone. For inseam, measure from the top of your thigh to your ankle.

Some of these you can do alone (bust or chest, waist, hips) but for others, you might want some help (arm length, back length, inseam).

2. Read the reviews to get your fit.

The sizing chart should be accurate, but it’s always good to hear what real people are saying. If there are enough reviews, you will always find people saying if the item fits small, big, or true to size, and very often they will give their height/weight/regular clothing size.

This even applies to shoes. You can always measure the length of your foot, but it’s easier to browse the reviews, and if you see that people are going up or down a size then you can do the same. You can also send your foot length(size) in centimeters and ask the seller to help you pick the right size

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