I hope you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s hard to choose a good Chinese online store… Or is it?

Well, there is only ONE problem. Finding that “Good” Chinese store isn’t an easy job.

Best Chinese Online Shopping Stores

China is a huge market with tons of products to offer. People from all over the world are turning to China in order to get something new. Many online stores that are located in China are offering great range of products for very popular prices. Nowadays, everyone can enjoy in things that are coming from this country. Meanwhile, not all online stores are a good choice. Some have lower standards when it comes to delivery and paying options. In any case, we will focus on both good ones and those that are not good. The intention is to select what to pay attention to and what to avoid in the process of choosing the right store. Here are the best Chinese online stores that are the most popular among people.

These are our favorite 10 Chinese Online Stores that we prefer and you can trust

NameRatingFree shippingDelivery time to USAccept PayPalCoupons
(Editor’s Choice)
99%yes10-14 daysyesDealextreme Coupons
(Editor’s Choice)
95%yes14-21 daysnoAliexpress Coupons
3.banggood95%yes14-18 daysyesBanggood Coupons
4.lightinthebox90%yes14-21 daysyesLightinthebox Coupons
5.GearBest85%yes21-30 daysyesGearBest Coupons
8.Everbuying80%yes17-21 daysyesEverbuying Coupons
9.chinabuye78%yes21-30 daysyesChinabuye Coupons
10.TinyDeal75%yes21-30 daysyesTinyDeal Coupons
11.SammyDress70%no21 daysyesSammyDress Coupons
12.Dinodirect69%yes18-21 daysyesDinodirect Coupons
13.tmart60%yes18-21 daysyesTmart Coupons

1. DX.com – Best Tech Gifts and Gadgets


If you wonder what an abbreviation DX stands for, the answer is simple. It is DealeXtreme and their slogan is very simple. Pay the right price for cool gadgets.


When it comes to positive side, this portal has a lot of them. The most visible is their way of shipping. In any moment, you can choose an option to track your goods, no matter of place or time. You will be informed about the location and expected delivery time. This is a huge advantage when comparing to other portals that do not offer this quality of service.


The only thing that should be noted among cons is that if you do not plan to buy gadgets, you do not have much to do on this site. DX.com is specialized in selling of gadgets of all kinds and there is limited selection of other products. Therefore, search somewhere else if you want something other than gadgets.

2. Aliexpress.com – Best Chinese Shopping Store 2017


There is more than one million products available for purchase on this website. It deserves the first place for many reasons. Except of this huge number of products, they come with low price and fast delivery.


Aliexpress.com is part of Alibaba group, which is a company specialized in sales through web portals. They became very successful with the rising popularity of online shopping.

Portal Aliexpress is among the top sellers because of everyday possibilities for all those who like new things. We all do and this seller knows it. According to that, there are many advantages of buying here. First of all, you will get huge discounts that are up to 70% and this option must be taken into consideration. The best thing is that the quality of goods does not lower when the price goes down. You still get a great value for your money. Many discounts, huge selection of products and reliable shipping are the best recommendation for Aliexpress.com. These are all pros of this website, but there are also some disadvantages.


Once you make a small research about the reviews, you will be more than surprised. People are leaving many negative comments that seem to become a standard. There are many reviews about bad communication coming from the sellers, broken products, mysterious loss of money and many more. It looks like users have only bad opinion about the website, but this should not provoke concerns in new customers.

When you pay closer attention, they all suggest one thing. You should not expect some high-end quality for the things you get for few dollars. Be realistic when it comes to shipping time as well. It usually comes with free shipping option, so let the patience play the main role. Few additional days of waiting will not make a big difference. It is good to read as many comments as possible and to make a decision whether to trust this site or not.

3. Banggood.com


As with many things in life, you have many different options. Another great site among the best Chinese online stores is certainly Banggood.com and this is visible from the first sight.


The choice is huge here. Fashionable clothing, jewelry, toys, LED lights and many more things are available for purchase. You will simply enjoy in searching for your desirable product and once you find it, you will certainly smile, because it comes with a low price. Some say this is the place for the biggest sale ever. This is quite true and everyone can see it here. Bargain seems to be their favorite word.


This might not be the best place for buying electronics and many people claim this. Most devices are coming with some fabric mistakes or scratches. If you are looking for something that requires a battery or charger, you can be unpleasantly surprised. Therefore, try to avoid this kind of stuff if you want to have a good experience. Orientate more on different types of products.


Not recommended Chinese store


One store that is not recommended is definitely SammyDress. This portal has used many fake photos that are claimed to be stolen from social networks. Moreover, the clothes are far from flattering and the sizes are far from those presented on the website. Nobody wants low quality products, so try to avoid this place.

Coupon codes in Chinese stores

Lovers of coupons may enjoy buying online. They will love this option in some of the best Chinese online stores and saving might be huge. Each coupon can be used for some sort of products no matter of size or price. You can find coupons on Voudes.com and use them effectively. This way, you are saving a great deal of money.

All of us like it and recommendations for this kind of buying are numerous. Get the thing you want with spending less. It s possible with coupons and with many stores that offer this option.

Buying something nice has never been easier.

September 2, 2016 Shopping guide

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