Set up your workspace in a spot where you get as much natural light as possible. Because you’re spending most of your day indoors, sunlight can help improve your motivation and productivity. According to Harward’s research, natural light reduces headache and drowsiness up to 63% and 56%, respectively. And when you are perky and have no headache to deal with, you can be productive. Having dedicated storage for all your office supplies and equipment can make a difference.

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A built-in cubby with a sliding perforated door like the one in this office designed by Studio DB is ideal. Organization is just as important in the seating area of an office—it makes the first impression on guests, after all. In this space, Emily Henderson chose a two-tier coffee home office tips table for extra book storage and a chic magazine holder next to the armchair. Nothing will ruin a beautiful home office faster than a pile of dusty cables. Take control of the cable chaos with this cable organizer box that conceals your surge protector and various cables.

Home Office Storage Ideas for a More Productive Work Space

Make sure to give yourselves enough room to spread out by installing an elongated table and sliding a few file cabinets underneath to hold double the paperwork. Equally long floating shelves on the wall above provide storage for books and baskets full of supplies. Here’s a simple way to get things off your desk but still easily accessible. Contain like items into baskets, bins, or boxes and label them so there’s no question about where something is located.

Look for ultrasoft materials, like microfiber, and make it the perfect companion for long days sitting in the same spot. You spend countless hours at your desk, so it’s important to feel comfortable as you work. This Hey Dewy portable humidifier is a true gift for long days stuck on Zoom. It can mist for up to eight hours on a single charge, which eliminates the need for charging cables on the desk. You can shred the occasional paper bill or personal file safely with a hand-operated shredder that’s about the size of a pair of sunglasses. If you need to shred a significant number of documents only once or twice a year, take them to an office supply center that offers bulk shredding.

Stacked Office Storage

Read on for 20 clever office organization supplies and chic decor solutions for a more productive workspace. Having office supplies so easily in reach makes it easy to remember to put things away. Adjacent to the desks, a cabinet unit keeps bulky, unsightly items out of sight. If your work involves confidential files, consider adding desk drawers that lock to keep curious minds out of your things. A label maker can help you keep track of where you’ve tucked away all your important documents and office supplies.

  • So, if you need to store manuals and other tall packets of paper, try vertical magazine file organizers to keep them orderly.
  • These home office ideas will inspire you to create an organized and productive work space.
  • By using the wall, you’ll maximize vertical space and clear the desk of items while leaving them within reach.
  • Take, for example, the sculptural coat rack, which keeps the study area clutter-free and organized but works as art when not in use.
  • Use the baskets to store supplies and stationery and keep your desk space tidier.
  • You just might find that you’ll naturally want to keep the desk more organized if you truly love it.

If your office doesn’t currently have cupboards but you like the idea, keep an eye out for kitchen wood filing cabinets that are on sale or someone else is getting rid of. A sliver of well-designed open shelving in a small home office is all you need to hold necessities. Individual slots for folders, binders, and envelopes, wider shelves for storage boxes, and a slide out tray with a printer near an outlet makes for a streamlined system. Attach a desk with drawers to hold smaller supplies to the built-in bookcase and you’re ready to tackle the day. Here, Heather Hilliard chose ones that maintained the calm neutral color scheme. Implement the into your work office space.

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25 Desk Organization Ideas to Clear Up Your WFH Space


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