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The was established in 1846.It is the world's biggest historical center, training, and research complex, comprising of 19 exhibition halls and displays, the National Zoological Park, and nine research offices. Its center mission—"the expansion and dispersion of learning"— is additionally expert through broad open effort and training programs, and also the different study and field work of Smithsonian researchers at its seven research bases on the globe.

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The items offered by mirror the immense accumulations in our historical centers and the National Zoo. All items, including adornments, furniture, fine blessings, materials and toys, are multiplications or adjustments of the Smithsonian Institution's ancient rarities, chronicles, accumulations and displays.

The greater part of the benefit from your buy straightforwardly bolsters the Smithsonian. Through your interest in the Institution, we can mount new shows and permit them to go to groups the nation over; we can dispatch energizing open projects and imaginative instructive effort activities; and we can keep on striving to fulfill our central goal. None of general society achievements of the Smithsonian are conceivable without your private support. Despite the fact that we get huge yearly support from Congress, the bolster we get from private people like you makes our program conceivable.

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  • Shaping the future by protecting their legacy, finding new learning, and offering our assets to the world
  •  Carry out all their work with the best duty and responsibility