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Alibaba Advertising Co., Ltd.

No. 699, Wangshang Road, Bingjiang District, Hangzhou, the People’s Republic of China

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Information that you'll find useful Searching, Sourcing and Shopping Made Easy

Who loves shopping? Everyone. Millions of people visit Alibaba every day for their searching, sourcing and one-stop shopping needs. With technology on the rise, online shopping has become so much more convenient in today’s busy world. With Alibaba, you not only benefit with convenience, but also great prices and quality products, without ever having to leave the comfort of your home or office.

History of Alibaba

Alibaba was founded in 1999 and today is the leading platform for global wholesale trade. Serving millions of buyers and suppliers around the globe, Alibaba has allowed individuals and businesses alike the accessibility to do business anywhere in the world.Led by Jack Ma, a former English teacher in China, together with 18 other individuals, Alibaba was formed with the hopes of advocating small businesses and also helping consumers get not only superior product, but also products at the best possible prices. By enabling small businesses to level the playing field through using innovation and technology to grow their business, the consumer benefits tremendously in their shopping needs. 

Alibaba offers advertising and marketing services, electronic payment, cloud-based computing and network services and mobile solutions, just to name some of the many amenities offered.

For suppliers - Alibaba has given them all of the essential tools they could possibly need in order to reach a global audience with their products. This service is second to none for the already established or growing company.

For buyers - Alibaba provides the convenience and fun of locating products and suppliers in an amazingly quick and efficient way. Always putting the customer first is their
#1 priority and customer satisfaction is key. Shopping at Alibaba will prove to be an experience you will extend far into the future.

The Ease of How it Work

To begin your shopping experience, Alibaba has created a great guide to walk you through the process which can be found at Quick buyer guide.

In addition, be sure to focus on the following when shopping for that perfect quality, low-priced item you are searching for:
  • Enter the exact details of the item you are shopping for, including keywords
  • Carefully peruse the description information of the item
  • Locate the best supplier, preferably one with great reviews who has been selling for many years
  • Choose a supplier and send and inquiry regarding price and description being sure to state your exact needs
  • Request clear details of warranty information
  • Use Alibaba’s payment platform/trade assurance/secure payment options
  • Receive item
  • Do some more shopping!
It’s that simple. 

When shopping on Alibaba, you are able to choose products by category, which, by the way, includes just about every category known to man. You can receive quotes from suppliers internationally and buy wholesale. In addition, Alibaba will keep you up to date on the most popular product trends, assuring that your shopping experience is always top notch. And you can be assured that customer service is always available and helpful.

Keep in mind when choosing your shopping platform, Alibaba is highly committed to sustainability through charitable projects, creating job opportunities and alleviating poverty. The more you shop, they more Alibaba is able to give back.

Other Alibaba Services

For those who are interested in more than just shopping, offers many other services that are beneficial to sellers and buyers.
  • Personalized memberships with choices ranging from basic to standard to premium
  • Learning center including tips and frequently asked questions
  • Training center including video tutorials
  • AliSource – a unique instruction on how to find the right supplier
  • Trade services including trade assurance, which is free and is designed to create trust between buyers and sellers.
  • Business identity verification to attract more buyers
  • Logistics services
  • Secure payments with safe payment service
  • e-Credit line – a revolving line of credit up to $5,000.00. Customers can enjoy preferential rates, no early payment penalties and the freedom to purchase anything they need at any time.
  • Inspection service – Alibaba offers an exceptional inspection service enabling you to order service from third party inspection companies to report back to you on the quality and standards of the goods you are looking to order.
In addition to the excellent services provided above, the customer’s shopping and selling experiences with Alibaba can be made even better by using the Discussion Forum and reading the updated articles on the site. Time to go shopping!